2021, Possibly one of the best years of my life (as a Software Engineer)

Me, Alice, and Linux
Linux, my beautiful English Setter / Labrador mix ❤️

I wrote a book.

I had the unique opportunity to write a book titled “Real-World Next.js,” which, as you may have guessed, talks about… Next.js.

Real-World Next.js, book by Michele Riva

I became a Google Developer Expert.

I’ve been nominated to join the Google Developer Expert program by my friend Fabio, who I’ll never thank enough for giving me this opportunity.

I recorded two seasons of the Inference Podcast.

Recording 13 total episodes allowed me to connect with great people from all over the world, talking about many different topics. From Erlang to COBOL, from Rust to Node.js, it has been an incredible journey.

I joined TomorrowDevs as a teacher and mentor.

I received many requests from different coding bootcamps and schools to join them as a teacher, but I always refused for some good reasons.

I exceeded any expectations regarding my income.

I know, talking about money, for some reason, is taboo. But everyone knows that software engineers make a lot of money. Do we all agree with that?

I quit my job at ViacomCBS.

In December 2021, I gave the bad news to my manager. I still feel a bit sad about that.

I bought one of my dream watches.

Not everyone knows that, but I am a huge mechanical wristwatch enthusiast.

My beloved Rolex Datejust 41, reference number 126300

What’s next for 2022.

2020 and 2021 have been relatively good years for me, but the future is always unknown and can lead to unexpected and pleasant circumstances.



Co-Founder & CTO @OramaSearch · Microsoft MVP · Google GDE · Twitter: @MicheleRivaCode

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Michele Riva

Co-Founder & CTO @OramaSearch · Microsoft MVP · Google GDE · Twitter: @MicheleRivaCode