A bit of context

I’ve recently started to work on a component library that implements some design system specifications. It will make it easier to create more complex user interfaces and website features, maintaining consistency between pages look & feel, user experience, and brand style in general on a product that I’m working on.

We’ve opted for building it using React, styled-components, and TypeScript so that every component will be easier to abstract, develop and test. …

I’ve started my software engineering career by chance.
I’ve studied many HTML, CSS, ActionScript, and PHP at high school, and I started to make websites as a hobby without even asking for revenue.

During my last high school year, I did an internship in a creative/web agency, and my life changed forever.

During the last seven years, I had the opportunity to grow a lot, trying different programming paradigms (imperative/OOP/FP) and languages (JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Elixir, Go, Haskell, ReasonML).

I also wrote code for some big companies and foundations (Facebook, Linux Foundation, Apache Foundation, Maserati, ViacomCBS).

I can…

After almost 50 years, the C programming language is still considered one of the fasts low-level code options. It is a relatively small language, quite easy to learn, widely diffused, and universally known to be fast. Really, really fast.

The problem with C is that some algorithms may become difficult to write, read, and debug due to the language's low-level nature. Sometimes, writing those algorithms in another language may be a good choice.

There are a lot of languages that can interoperate with C. …

I love The Beatles so much. I wish they wrote more lyrics… but wait, I’m a programmer, I can generate new lyrics based on their discography! Let’s see how.

“🎤 Yesterday… all my troubles seemed so far awayyyyy.”

Oh, wait, this is an article, you can’t hear me sing! (luckily 😄)

We will create a program that will take many lyrics as input and produce a new lyric every time it’s executed.

Incredibly skilled data scientists and programmers would end up creating an AI with TensorFlow or stuff like that… but we want to keep it easy! …

Have you tried to share any Hackdoor article on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit?

If you haven’t, you should try right now with this article! 😛
Jokes aside, I’m saying that for a reason: you will notice that this article’s open graph image will look like this:

If you are a Hackdoor author, you may also have noticed that if you change your article’s title or image, the open graph image will immediately reflect those changes.

That’s because we’re using Gauguin!

There’s an Italian Facebook page called “Il Programmatore di Merda” (which can be translated to “The Shitty Programmer”). I love that page.

They often share shitty pieces of code and memes about programming, but today I’ve seen something quite incredible:

Michele Riva

Senior Software Engineer @ViacomCBS

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